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Every English learner can communicate comfortably and effectively. 

Whether it’s in a business meeting or an essay, effective and clear communication is possible with the right type of consistent practice!

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It can be scary to walk into a job interview, board meeting, or a party with a new group of friends when you know you’ll be using a foreign language. As a professional writer, marketer, workshop leader, and teacher, I’ve spent years helping people – including native English speakers! – express themselves. 

Are your English skills making it more difficult to reach your goals? 

Instead, your English should work for you. 

Whether you have an A2 level of English or a C1 level of English, if you spend time on the right exercises and have the right encouragement you’ll reach your goals.

Ivan Coaching Testimonial

– Ivan, Studying for the C1 IELTS

Language learning is most effective when it’s fun.

I’m also a language learner! After several years of learning Italian, I believe you remember more when you’re relaxed and interested in the conversation topics and materials.

Online English Lesson

Are you ready to level up your English skills? Or feel confident about your upcoming interview or presentation? I can help!

Available Services Include:

Every coaching and practice session includes an assessment of your English skills after learning about your goals.

  • 1-on-1 English Coaching
  • Presentation or Interview Preparation
  • Website Copywriting
  • Proofreading and Editing Projects
  • Skills Assessment and Study Plan Development

Book a lesson with Tina or view all available services