Business English: Leaving Voicemails

You’ll often be required to make phone calls at work. If the person you want to talk to isn’t available, you’ll need to leave a voicemail.

The best voicemails follow a very specific pattern.

Knowing this pattern before you pick up your phone will keep you from saying too much or too little.


David hanging up the phone. "I said 'ciao' to that person."


 If you use this pattern every time, your voicemails will be easy to understand and very professional.

Business Voicemail Template

When you’re told to “leave a message,” have this information ready, in this order:

Your Name

If you know the person, you can just say your first name. If you don’t, give your first and last name.

Your Company

Tell the person where you work.

Your Phone Number

Yes, we have Caller ID. However, if you’re calling from a company phone, you might need to add an extension or a “direct” number that isn’t the main company number.

Why Are You Calling? 

Tell them what you need, or what you need to know. Are you trying to get information? Are you calling someone back after they left you a message?

Repeat Your Contact Information

Then repeat your name, company, and phone number where they can reach you.

It’s as simple as that!

Before You Call

Before you make your work phone call, it might be helpful to have some notes in front of you. Since your contact information will never change, you can write it on a piece of paper and keep that paper near your phone.

Phones can make a lot of people nervous, but they don’t have to. Just take a deep breath and stay relaxed.

Use simple words and grammar when you explain your reason for leaving a message.

Once you have these things covered, you can simply say, “have a nice day!”

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I'm Tina! After graduating university, I promptly left the country. I lived in London for 5 months where I completed a content marketing internship. Since then, I've been traveling and studying Italian as much as I possibly can. During the pandemic, I also made the career shift to teaching English! I can help students with conversation practice, English grammar, writing skills, and Business English. Instagram: @TinaTeachesENG @TinasTravelsAbroad

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